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Maintenance and Service of Air-conditioning unitsAir Conditioning Maintenance & Service in Lakeland – If you live in Lakeland, Florida, it’s much more than likely that you have an air conditioner upon which you rely, especially as summer approaches, humidity mounts, and temperatures top 90 degrees before the clock strikes noon. In order to ensure you aren’t stuck with a faulty AC unit, it’s important to conduct periodic air conditioning maintenance and get prompt AC service whenever necessary.

Have your air conditioning unit inspected early in the spring every year. This way, if there are problems that need to be addressed, you can schedule AC service to have those problems handled before the weather gets uncomfortably hot. As an added bonus, you will save money in energy costs by keeping yourself in the know about how your AC unit is functioning. If your air conditioning unit’s efficiency isn’t up to speed, you can have it fixed before you spend extra money keeping your home cool.

To properly maintain your AC unit, there are a few things an air conditioning technician will do during a routine maintenance call: check or replace filters, measure the levels of refrigerant, calibrate the thermostat as needed, and examine the compressor. All of these things and more could potentially cause problems if they go unchecked — so be sure to stay informed about the function of your AC unit.

To avoid costly repairs and inconvenience, remember to have your air conditioning inspected at least once a year. It will save you time and money down the road. If in doubt, give Ryals Brothers, Inc. a call in Lakeland, Florida. We’ll be glad to conduct any air conditioning maintenance you need.

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