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Commercial HVAC for Restaurants

Commercial HVAC for RestaurantsCommercial HVAC in Lakeland – One of the biggest mistakes new restaurant owners make is when they look for space to put their restaurant, they don’t consider that the commercial HVAC needs of a restaurant are different than other businesses. If the space was previously a restaurant, it may be sufficient, but it is still best to have it inspected by a commercial HVAC company before signing a lease.

One of the considerations in which commercial HVAC for restaurants is different is the amount of heat generated in the cooking areas. If the thermostat is too close to these areas, it will cool based on that area and thus make other areas far too cold. This can make it uncomfortable for customers, and they won’t want to return, drastically cutting profits. The system running at that level throughout the restaurant is also very inefficient and costly.

Another consideration is keeping things comfortable for both the chefs and the wait staff while still maintaining a proper temperature for customers. Wait staff does a lot of moving around, and that can make a room feel warmer to them that it actually is, so they should not be the ones to decide the overall temperature of the dining area. The dining area should be monitored by a manager or hostess who is present in the area and not overactive. Many restaurant owners choose to have the temperature control panels under a locked cover to avoid it being changed by all employees. Keep in mind when planning that the layout can affect air flow and thus HVAC needs.

The main thing when obtaining space for a restaurant is to get the services of a commercial HVAC company that has experience in the specific needs of restaurants. They can advise you before you make a costly mistake, and then you can properly negotiate with the property owner over potential modifications needed or move on to another location that is more suitable.

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