3 Ways to Cut Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Florida summers are long, hot, and expensive if you’re not mindful of your air conditioning use. Here are 3 great tips to help curb those air conditioning costs this summer.

  1. Set it And Forget It- One of the best investments you can make to lower air conditioning costs in the long run is getting a programmable thermostat. Some new systems even allow you to adjust your home temperature from your smartphone app. Not only will you be able to “set it and forget it” to ensure your system is never on when it doesn’t need to be, but it will also self regulate the temperature in your home to keep it at a base level, ensuring your air conditioner isn’t working overtime and costing you extra money.
  2. Use Your Ceiling Fan- A great way to cut energy consumption and keep cool in the summer is to keep your ceiling fan on. Your ceiling fan will keep cool air circulating throughout your home more effectively and produce a light breeze to keep you comfortable. Even with the AC off, a ceiling fan can make your home feel up to 8 degrees cooler with this “wind-chill effect”. If you do opt for a ceiling fan, be mindful that it isn’t on indefinitely so you’re not wasting electricity.
  3. Schedule an HVAC Check-up- The best strategies for conserving energy consumption for your air conditioning needs won’t matter if your systems aren’t running properly. We recommend annual HVAC check-ups to check for common causes of inefficiencies in units, like AC filters and checking condenser units outside the home. Regular maintenance can help prevent smaller problems from turning into costly repairs and replacements.