1. heating repairContactor – This is a common heating repair service for units that do not turn on. The contactor is the piece of the unit that makes the connections that create current, essentially turning on the main working components of the unit and allowing them to maintain the needed energy to perform their functions. There are three contactors in your unit: one for the blower motor, one for the compressor, and one for the condenser fan motor. If any of these contactors fail to create a current of energy, your unit will not turn on.
  2. Drain Lines – The drain lines can become clogged with a variety of materials. This usually occurs with time and not because of one specific clog. If your drain lines do get blocked, they may cause your pan to overflow, which might cause water damage.
  3. Fluid Leaks – Freon, or the refrigerating agent, is a liquid that helps to keep your system cool. If you experience a leak, it may be hard to identify. If you do not seek a heating repair service, you may notice your monthly bill increasing dramatically because your system is unable to function efficiently.
  4. Filter –The filter is an important but often forgotten component of your system. They clog with time and use, but if the filter goes unchanged, your unit may begin to freeze up.
  5. Gas Valve –The gas valve is only used for the heating function of your unit. The gas valve controls the flow of your gas line into your unit. If the line gets corroded, it will not function properly and your system will not work. You should call a professional heating repair service for all gas line concerns.

It is important to note that we say “common” loosely. Heaters and furnaces are very reliable, and you shouldn’t be concerned that you will need a service any time soon. If you do experience a problem, give Ryals Brothers Inc. a call. We service all of the Lakeland, FL area, and we are very qualified to identify your problem and fix it quickly.