Air ConditionersAir conditioners are much more of a necessity now than they have ever been. Where would we be without them? While the general usage is for comfort in homes and buildings, here are some cool facts that demonstrate just what we rely on air conditioners to do.

  1. Prior to modern usage of AC, many businesses, as well as government offices, were closed during the summer months. Imagine the inefficiencies businesses are able to avoid by having employees work year-round!
  2. Particularly regarding the medical field, there has been a dramatic increase in human life expectancy as a result of air conditioners. Controlled environments for research as well as medical procedures have only been made possible because of air conditioners. Likewise, fewer communicable diseases common to warm climates have spread.
  3. As of 2011, nearly 90% of homes in the U.S. were equipped with air conditioning. This can be partially attributed to the population moving to areas with higher humidity and temperatures and the average house size increasing over time.
  4. Homes in the South are the most likely to have a central AC unit instead of a window AC unit. Central AC can be found in 44% of homes in the Northeast, 76% of homes in the Midwest, and 74% of homes in the West, compared with 85% in the South.
  5. Movie theaters were one of the first industries to regularly install air conditioning into their buildings. This coincided with what some refer to as Hollywood’s Golden Age, for good reason.

Air conditioners have truly provided us with astounding results. Not only have they improved our standard of living for a number of reasons, but they have also extended our lifespan and improved our nation’s infrastructure. At Ryals Brothers Inc., we are proud of what we do and the positive impact that it has on lives today.