heating contractorsChoosing a cooling & heating contractor can be an important decision. You are likely searching for a company you can trust in good times and in bad. If your AC or heater goes out, you want to know who to call right away. Don’t search forever for the best heating contractors in your area. Here are 5 important traits to look for that will help you decide quickly if a cooling & heating contractor is right for you:

  1. Up-Front Pricing – If a contractor offers to give you an estimate over the phone, they are probably not the best choice. It is very hard for cooling & heating contractors to give you a reliable estimate without looking at the work that is needed. A contractor should also be very clear on what you are paying for. Most reliable contractors will give you a flat rate for much of the service needed. Some will use hourly, but a flat rate will likely give you the best deal.
  2. Reputable – One of the best ways to determine what type of service you will receive from a contractor is to look at reviews and talk to neighbors who are customers. A good contractor will come with recommendations from their customers.
  3. Effective – Effective cooling & heating contractors will use reliable calculations to determine your cooling & heating needs. They will not sell you the biggest product; they will sell you the right product. These calculations include heat-load and cooling-load, home sizing and efficiency, etc.
  4. Up-to-Date – A good contractor will know all the latest technologies and equipment for home cooling & heating needs. They will understand energy-efficient products, and they will likely push these options as this is the direction much of the market is moving to.
  5. Reliable –The last thing you should ever have to worry about is if your contractor is reliable. A good contractor is courteous, dressed appropriately, quick to respond, and communicates effectively with clients throughout the process.

We want you to have a good experience with whichever cooling & heating contractor you choose, and we hope you will consider Ryals Brothers Inc. as your trusted Lakeland, FL cooling & heating contractor.