AC InstallationFresh air is vital for our wellbeing and quality of life. But as today’s buildings are becoming more airtight, the circulation of fresh air is reduced. Commercial AC installation offers air purification, air handling and ventilation solutions to provide a comfortable and healthy environment in stores, hotels, offices, etc.

As regulations raise the standards in the design of energy-efficient buildings, insulation levels are getting higher, reducing the cooling and heating demand. Nevertheless, stale air that remains trapped can cause the following:

  • Increased condensation resulting in mold
  • Odors lingering for longer periods of time
  • Greater risk of allergies
  • Need for oxygen

Commercial AC installation and air purification solutions offer a range of dehumidification and filtration functions that remove potentially dangerous agents from the air to enhance breathing comfort. Fresh air ventilation eliminates stale air and provides free cooling for a fresh indoor environment. AC installation can also be integrated into a wider climate control system to boost an entire building’s energy efficiency.

A highly efficient air handling solution provides precise control of air quality and humidity to suit individual space requirements. Each customized solution consists of a combination of air handling units, which can be assembled on-site to accommodate a building’s unique characteristics. Today, there is a comprehensive range of commercial ventilation products that can be adapted to any size and type of environment.

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