Should You Do Your Own AC Installation or Hire a Pro?

Should You Do Your Own AC Installation or Hire a Pro?

How much someone can do when it comes to performing their own AC installation will depend on a number of factors, and a person should take care when considering this job. Here are the key points to consider:

  1. Skill Level — The homeowner should be very comfortable with doing mechanical home projects.
  2. Tools — There are a number of tools that will be needed for the job. If they are already owned, it may be feasible. If many have to be purchased and won’t be useful for other tasks, it may no longer make sense. Typical tools that will be necessary include an L-square, tubing cutter, hex nut drivers, wire cutters, sheet metal shears, drill bits, tape measure, wire nuts, drill, hammer, hole saws, screwdrivers and possibly sheet metal benders.
  3. Equipment — It may not be easy to find the necessary AC installation equipment, as many companies will only sell wholesale to certified installers. Keep in mind that even if you can locate them, you will likely pay more than the contractor would.
  4. City/County Regulations — There are certain parts of the process that you will not be legally able to do on your own. You cannot remove the old unit because a certified technician must be the one to evacuate the coolant. They will also need to be the one to inspect the unit, solder the copper refrigerant line connections, connect the high voltage wiring, pull vacuum on the lines, and pump and release refrigerant into the system. All these AC installation tasks are required by law to be done by an EPA-certified technician. Some building code requirements may be even more stringent than EPA laws when it comes to what you can do on your own.
  5. Warranty — In some cases, your own AC installation can cause problems when a warranty issue comes up down the road. It is not unlike manufacturers to try to blame the problem on an installation error. If you have hired a professional to perform the AC installation, you have more chance of a warranty claim being handled to your advantage.

It makes sense to do the math before deciding whether to do your own AC installation or hire a pro. When you factor in the value of your time, which can add up to as much as 10 hours, it may actually be less expensive to let the professionals handle this job.


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Should You Do Your Own AC Installation or Hire a Pro?

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