AC InstallationYou recently purchased a new air conditioning unit, and you’re excited to get it up and running. However, you’re not entirely sure what all goes into the AC installation process. If you let us at Ryals Brothers Inc. handle the install, here’s what you can expect when we come and install your new system.

First, we will disconnect your old unit and remove all of the coolant from it. Then, we will take the old unit out of your home and clean up the surrounding area to get it ready for your new system.

Second, we will bring in any additional equipment and tools needed to complete the AC installation process. At this point, we will perform any retrofits that are needed to accommodate your new system. We may also disassemble your new system to make it fit in the installation area if it is going in a spot with limited space, such as an attic or crawl space.

Third, we will install your new system according the manufacturer’s specifications. If we need to perform any electrical upgrades so that the new unit will work properly, we will also complete them at this time.

Finally, to finish off the AC installation process, we will inspect and test out your new system. We will also flush out old lines before adding new refrigerant to them and perform pressure and vacuum tests to make sure the system will work as efficiently and effectively as possible.