Lennox Heating & Cooling Products

There are some good reasons why Lennox heating & cooling products are recommended by so many heating and air conditioning professionals. Lennox heating & cooling products have been in production since 1895, so they are one of the oldest companies in the industry. They have one of the largest numbers of choices and have demonstrated their dedication to energy efficiency time and again. They now have many Energy Star rated units. The energy efficiency of Lennox heating & cooling products can save you money on your monthly utility bills. They even have solar-powered units available.

Here are the 3 basic categories of Lennox heating & cooling products:

1. The Signature Collection features some of the quietest units on the market today.

2. The Elite Series emphasizes having the highest rate of energy efficiency in their class.

3. The Merit Series prioritizes trouble-free operation for the life of the unit and features a 5-year parts warranty and a 5-year labor warranty, with extended warranty options available.

So, if you want an HVAC system that is quiet, efficient and doesn’t need many costly repairs, you should consider Lennox heating & cooling products. To learn more about Lennox heating & cooling products in the area around Lakeland, Florida, you can give us a call at Ryals Brothers, Inc. We have been installing and servicing HVAC systems for residential and commercial customers since 1969. We offer several brands of air conditioning, heat pumps and furnaces, including Lennox heating & cooling products. When you call us, you can expect the best.