Air Conditioning Installation: What’s the Difference between the Best Brands?
There are 6 major HVAC manufacturers in America today, but they operate under about 150 different brand names. Below are some of the brands that come off the same manufacturing lines – just different marketing, labels and paint.

  • Concord, Armstrong and Lennox
  • American Standard and Trane
  • Tempstar, Bryant, Payne and Carrier
  • Coleman, Lux and York
  • Amana and Goodman

Most of the parts that make up these brands’ products are manufactured by even fewer companies – Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Emerson. So what’s the difference? Well typically, there are very small differences between top-end products. For example, who has the largest touch-screen thermostat, or is a system 98.4% or 98.3% efficient. But at the end of the day, these are insignificant. However, the big, clear-cut difference is the air conditioning installation contractor.

You see, unlike a new car, the products that an air conditioning installation contractor buys come un-calibrated and in pieces. It’s his job to put them all together and then set them up. Air conditioners don’t simply snap together and plug in. The only places that manufacturers set units up in are their testing labs. It takes specialized tools and years of training for air conditioning installation technicians to finish what the manufacturers started.

So the bottom line is: Don’t worry so much about the brand; instead worry about finding a reputable, skilled HVAC contractor.
Best Brands in Air Conditioning
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