Air Conditioning Maintenance: Signs You Can’t Ignore

Every spring, it is a good idea to give your air conditioner some tender love and care to be sure it is ready to run smoothly. Before turning it on for the summer, here are some basic air conditioning maintenance tips to be sure you have a cool summer.

  • Clean and change the filter- Changing your filter and cleaning the surrounding parts will ensure your system is dust and odor-free.
  • Inspect and clean outdoor coils- Using a foaming cleanser, scrub any dusty or dirty areas. This will allow only the cleanest air to enter your system.
  • Check for strange odors- If you smell rotten eggs while cleaning your air conditioning system, this means you have a gas leak somewhere. When this happens, do not self inspect. Call us at Ryals Brothers Inc. to provide safe and professional air-conditioning maintenance to ensure your home, family, and AC system are safe.  Also, you may smell mold or mildew, which gives off a musty, wet scent. This can mean there is a buildup of condensation in your system, which requires professional air conditioning maintenance and servicing.

At Ryals Brothers Inc., we encourage an annual self-exam of your air conditioning system to be sure it is ready for summer. However, trying to fix a potentially dangerous problem alone can be harmful for you, your home and your air conditioner. Instead, reach out to us for air conditioning maintenance. Our friendly contractors genuinely care about you, and will treat you like you are family.