Air Conditioning MaintenanceYour air conditioning is part of your daily routine, but you may not think much about it if it is working properly. If it suddenly stops working, you will quickly take notice of it again. If your air conditioning loses some efficiency over time, it must run more to keep the temperature at your desired level and use more energy, which means higher utility bills. Air conditioning repairs can be expensive, but many of them can be prevented with regular air conditioning maintenance. Some air conditioning maintenance you can do yourself, but most is best left to the professionals. Do-it-yourself air conditioning maintenance includes replacing filters periodically and clearing debris from your outside unit. These are things that professionals will probably also do when they come for a maintenance visit.

Here are some of the other things to expect from professional air conditioning maintenance service:

  • Clean and inspect all the parts of your AC system, including electrical connectors, condensate pans and coils and system controls.
  • Check and make any needed corrections to the air flow throughout the system.
  • Replace the filters if needed.
  • Check the operating pressure.
  • Inspect the voltage and amperage and make needed repairs and adjustments.

Air conditioning maintenance can save you money in the long term because it can reduce the number of repair visits you require. It can also extend the life of your AC system and help keep your operating costs as low as possible. Additionally, it is a good idea for you to check your system periodically. Has your electric bill unexpectedly increased? Does your system sound different? All these things can help you avoid air conditioning repairs and save you money.