AC RepairIt feels like it’s the warmest day of the year, and all of a sudden, your air conditioner gives out. If you want to avoid an unexpected AC repair situation like this one, there are several things you can do to keep your system functioning reliably and efficiently throughout the year:

  • Seal any existing duct leaks—The need for AC repair can often develop when your air conditioner has to work too hard to keep you cool. To reduce your system’s workload, try sealing your ductwork to eliminate leaks. This is especially important in rooms that always seem cooler or warmer than others.
  • Change the filter regularly—When your AC filter is clogged, cool air can’t freely flow through your system. This can result in a number of AC repair problems, such as overworked fan motors and frozen coils. Keep these problems from developing by changing your filter on a monthly basis.
  • Insulate your home—Another way to reduce strain on your AC system is to put insulation in your attic and in other places where it might be missing in your home. Not only can this put less stress on your air conditioner, but additional insulation can help you cut back on your utility bills.
  • Only let professionals work on your system—When something goes wrong with your AC unit, you may be tempted to tinker with it and try to fix the problem yourself. At Ryals Brothers Inc., we strongly recommend that you avoid doing this and let our professionals help you out with all of your repair needs instead.