Commercial AC InstallationA common concern with commercial AC installation is how much time it will take. In some cases, the AC installation process can be disruptive to company operations and the less time it takes for the job to be done, the better. Here at Ryals Brothers Inc., we understand the value of your company time and workspace and we strive to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimally disrupt your operations.

We can’t give you an exact timeframe to expect for your commercial AC installation because there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to the length of the project. However, most installations only take a day or two. We can give you a more accurate estimate when we know what work needs to be done when installing the system.

Things that slow down the commercial AC installation process include situations like having to install new ductwork, difficulty accessing the furnace, adding supply air or return air ductwork, drilling through concrete walls, and electrical issues. Some difficulties we can foresee before the project begins and others come up mid-installation. Fortunately, you can feel confident knowing we are capable of resolving any complications that may arise.

We put customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list and we realize that lessening disruptions to your business during installation is of paramount importance. We will aim to be discreet to keep our mess as minimal as possible so you can continue business as usual. Since our installations typically go quickly, you can expect to be up and running with a new AC unit in no time at all. Contact us today for more information!