Commercial Air Conditioning MaintenanceDespite facility managers’ efforts and supporting data, most organizations underfund air conditioning maintenance. A reactive attitude is still the norm. It is not the exception. It is deferred. Unfortunately, predictive and planned maintenance remains the exception. The most common reason given for not having routine air conditioning maintenance performed is lack of resources.

To many who control and set budgets, it is an overhead expense. Like other overhead expenses, efforts should be made to reduce it. Reducing overhead expenses will increase profits. And, like other costs, the only effect of a reduction is reduced costs! Proper maintenance of cooling systems requires forward thinking and careful planning, both of which could get lost if air conditioning maintenance is seen as nothing more than an overhead cost.

Adding to this philosophy is the unfortunate fact that an air conditioning system is not the most noticeable asset in an organization. Unlike highly visible items such as lighting or carpet systems, air conditioners are out of sight, out of mind – until something goes wrong. And when things do go wrong, it’s often too late for effective maintenance to be performed. At this point, things become reactive.

Facility executives and managers should be able to show the consequences of overlooking air conditioning maintenance, while identifying the actual cost savings that comes with preventative maintenance. The dollars spent on this will result in an increase in the bottom line.

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