commercial hvacCommercial HVAC solutions offer a perfectly comfortable working environment, no matter what time of the year it is. Moreover, they can use renewable energy from the atmosphere to optimize energy-efficiency, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and fuel bills.

Commercial air conditioning is the ideal solution for all types of environments, small or large. These include retail stores, restaurants, sports & leisure centers, hotels, etc. No matter how hot the temperature outside is, you get a fluctuation-free, inverter-controlled indoor temperature. This helps reduce energy consumption by as much as 30% compared to non-inverter.

Commercial HVAC offers complete climate management that puts facility supervisors in total control of the indoor temperatures with user-friendly controls for each zone, along with wider scale monitoring and management tools for multiple buildings, such as schools, colleges and hospitals.

Commercial solutions can be combined with HVAC systems, refrigeration units, hot water supplies and air curtains to create a 100% integrated solution for maximum energy efficiency. With zone-by-zone control, you can accommodate individual comfort requirements in each area. By controlling where the cooling or heating is switched on, you can practice savvy energy management.

Along with a user-friendly control panel, there’s a touch screen, remote control operation, and monitoring via the internet with a PC or any other ‘smart’ device for optimal versatility and efficiency.

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