Air Conditioning MaintenanceMaintenance is always the key to keeping expensive equipment functioning at it’s best for the longest amount of time. For home products that are both necessary and costly, it is particularly important to not be neglectful. Keep up with your air conditioning maintenance by following the recommendation that suggests you complete professional maintenance annually. Avoid an expensive air conditioner repair by following these guidelines and not waiting until there’s been more extensive damage.

Included below are some of the telling signs that you need air conditioning maintenance.

  • Higher energy bill than you would typically expect– Pay close attention to your monthly bill to make sure you’re not overpaying for energy because of an air conditioner that’s not functioning at its fullest potential.
  • Poor or low quality performance – Is the air in your home is not being properly cooled, the air conditioner is running constantly, or there is little to no air flow from your vents?
  • Leaking or moisture in close proximity to your air conditioning unit– There could be especially serious issues if leakage has caused mold, which indicates it’s been leaking for a while.
  • Unusual smells or sounds– If the unit is emitting either smells or sounds that are strange, something is not functioning appropriately and should be addressed quickly.

Having a professional maintenance completed yearly will lead to your equipment lasting longer and will result in fewer emergency situations.  Routinely completing air conditioning maintenance will likely help you avoid having any other issues and is what we highly recommend at Ryals Brothers Inc.