hvac installationWith the ever-increasing need to control temperatures in our homes and workplaces, you may want to know a few things about residential and commercial HVAC installation. This will help you understand the factors that need to be taken into account when an estimate is calculated.

  • Occupancy of the workplace or home. The more people occupying the building to be fitted with air conditioning, the higher the estimated price for residential or commercial HVAC will be. This is because a large number of people will generate more heat, which needs to be filtered out of the room.
  • Ventilation (doors and windows). A well-ventilated, well-insulated room with enough windows and doors will usually have a lower installation fee since a standard-size air conditioning unit should meet the occupants’ needs.
  • The amount of electrical appliances and equipment that give off heat. In either a commercial or residential environment, these can make a room get stuffy pretty fast. Therefore, the air conditioning system would need to have a high cooling capacity to regulate the temperature more efficiently.
  • Room dimensions and ceiling height. To regulate the temperature more effectively in a room that is large and has a high ceiling, both residential and commercial HVAC installation will require a system with a higher capacity to deliver more output. Conversely, installation costs for a small-sized room with a low ceiling would be less.

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