HeaterDon’t wait until you need your heater to make sure everything is working properly; you’ll end up being very uncomfortable and having to invest more in repairs. Follow our guide to make sure everything is running efficiently and allow yourself plenty of time before the temperature drops to get your heater ready for the winter.

  1. Turn on your heater using the thermostat and observe how it’s working.
  2. Ask the following questions:
  • Does it start up right away?
  • Does it respond quickly to adjustments made to the temperature?
  1. If the thermostat isn’t working, then you’ll need to have that checked out. Even if the thermostat is seemingly working, check the air coming from the vents to make sure the airflow is strong and warm.
  2. Make sure there is even distribution of heat throughout your home. One helpful tip is to use any ceiling fans you may have during the winter. By providing circulation, they will actually move warm air, which typically rises, throughout the room.
  3. Be observant to smells or sounds that may be a result of a dirty filter or electrical issues.

Most importantly, make an appointment to have a professional perform maintenance and inspect your heater. We are trained to not only identify major issues, but also to inspect the details and to ensure that the airflow is appropriate, to observe the electrical and exchange components, and to provide you the peace of mind that there is no carbon monoxide leaking. As you follow these guidelines, we’ll make sure your home is warm and safe this winter.