heat pumpsHeat pumps can be a great alternative to other heating and furnace options. Many of their unique qualities make them ideal for Florida residents.  If you have a broken heating system or are looking for an upgrade, you may be wondering if a heat pump will be the ideal fit for all your heating needs. The best way to understand if a heat pump is right for you is to understand how a heat pump works.  We have put together this quick article to help you understand the basics of the heat pump.

Heat pumps are different from other heaters and furnaces because they focus their energy on moving heat from one location to another instead of producing it directly. This means that heat pumps simply transfer the heat from one location to another. They do not burn fuel to create it. This can save you money every month in energy-efficiency costs.

Heat pumps are best for mild climates that do not experience extreme temperature changes.  As a Florida resident, you are probably a wonderful candidate for a heat pump. Heat pumps not only transfer warm air, but they can transfer cool air as well.

The heat pump is an efficient home heating provider. There are many benefits to choosing one.   If you are interested in more information or if you have any questions about heat pumps, give us a call today. We service all of the Lakeland, FL area.