heat pumpsHeat pumps are something that most homeowners don’t know much about, so here is a brief review of exactly what heat pumps are and why that matters to you. For starters, a heat pump is an instrument that moves heat from one point to another.  Although termed a “heat pump”, it can actually be used for both heating and cooling in a given space. This is possible because it can shift heat either out of or into an area. In the winter, it pulls the outside heat inside, and during the summer, it extracts the warm air from your home, transferring it outside. As an example of just how cool the air can be made when heat is removed, a common use for heat pumps is in refrigerators. Heat is pumped out of the refrigerator, and the result is a very cool space that is well-insulated to keep it that way.

Why this matters for you:

  • Here in Lakeland, Florida, we live in a particularly perfect climate for heat pumps because they work best in temperate climates without requiring additional sources for heat during the winter months.
  • Another advantage is that instead of creating heat, heat pumps are simply transferring existing heat from one point to another. The reason this is such an important point for you is because it leads to increased efficiency.
  • Heat pumps use electricity instead of fuel; yet another way that you can save!

At Ryals Brothers Inc., we can help you determine if a heat pump is the best fit for your home. We are happiest when we have the opportunity to help our customers tailor their homes to best match their needs, and we look forward to helping you.