heating servicesHave you ever considered the importance of sizing a heating unit correctly? You may have assumed you found the perfect fit for your needs, but chances are you may be a model or two off. Your home’s size and duct work can have a dramatic effect on what size of heating unit you need. The worst problem with having the wrong size heater: overpaying on your monthly electric bill!

If you choose a heater that is too large for your home’s needs, you are costing yourself a fortune. Larger units have higher up-front costs. They also cost more as you go. Why? Even though the unit can produce large amounts of heat at once, it also cycles more often to reach your desired temperature. Much like a car in stop-and-go traffic, this constant cycling will most definitely have an effect on your electric bill.

An undersized unit is usually less of a problem, but if it is significantly undersized, your bill will suffer just as much. An undersized unit must work hard to keep up with demand. Though it may not cycle as much as an oversized unit, it will have to run consistently to keep up.

To avoid oversized and undersized units, your heating services provider uses a series of calculations to determine the heating unit that will fit your needs. This is a complicated calculation that should probably be left to the professionals with experience in sizing and heating services. The calculation includes area of home, quality of home (insulation, etc.), desired temperature, local weather, etc.

Our heating services at Ryals Brothers Inc. can help you choose a heater that will fit your needs perfectly. We will go over the many options available to you and evaluate a proper sizing option for your home or business. Don’t waste money if you don’t have to. We are happy to help you with all your heating and cooling needs. Ryals Brothers Inc. serves all of the Lakeland, FL area.