The History of Air ConditioningSince the beginning of time, it has been mankind’s endeavor to become more comfortable in less-than-ideal climates. The desire to keep cool in hot temperatures has led to inventions both amazing and comical. Often when we look back upon air cooling techniques, we see that only the wealthiest of people were able to afford this luxury. Consider back in ancient Rome when transporting snow from the mountains was the best technique, and only an emperor with lots of servants could manage that feat.

It wasn’t until the late 19th century that what would become today’s modern air conditioning system started to be considered, and those first makeshift cooling units were far from inexpensive. Units available in the 1930’s could easily cost over $10,000, which is equivalent to over $100,000 today. It really wasn’t until the post-World War II economic boom of the 1950’s that window unit air conditioners began to sell more at the tune of about 1 million units per year. The central air conditioning unit did not come along until the 1970’s and used the now-banned coolant Freon.

Every year, air conditioning equipment becomes more efficient, and as more environmentally friendly coolants have been developed, the environment is not paying the price for our cooler homes – at least not in the regard of coolant contamination. It does use a tremendous amount of power to run all the air conditioners in the country during the summer, and even though power plants have been continually improved since the early 1940’s, there are many locations that experience outages when demand becomes too high. Perhaps one day we will look back to our current air conditioning systems and wonder why we ever thought them to be the best invention since sliced bread because we will have new technology that operates more efficiently. Only time can tell.


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