What are Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel Systems, and How Can One Help Me?

What are Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel Systems?

Hybrid heat dual fuel systems, also known as dual-fuel systems, have changed the way Americans heat their home.  No longer do you have to choose between electric heat and gas heat. This system uses the best of both worlds. When the outside temperature is above 40 degrees, 50 degrees, or whatever temperature threshold you choose, the hybrid heat system warms up your home using the electric heat pump. When the outside temperature drops below the temperature threshold, the gas portion of the unit is called to work.

How Can One of These Systems Help Me?

Hybrid heat dual fuel systems have many advantages over your traditional electric or gas options. Because of the dual heating options, you can save a lot of money each year on your utility bill. In addition to the dual heating options, the system also carries a dual fan system. When the house only needs to be warmed up by a few degrees, the system will conserve energy by using the lower fan speed. Again, this is all designed to save you, the consumer, as much in monthly utilities as possible. Due to its design and energy efficiency, choosing to use a hybrid heating system reduces its carbon footprint, making it environmentally friendly.

Are you in the market for a new home heating system? Choosing a hybrid heat dual fuel system combines the benefits of electric and gas to give you an eco-friendly option that is also easy on your wallet every month. At Ryals Brothers Inc., we can get you set up with a new heating system in no time. The sooner you get set up, the sooner you can sit back and watch your savings increase.