The Importance of Annual Air Conditioning MaintenanceEveryone knows you have to have your vehicle serviced regularly to keep it running efficiently and avoid breakdowns, yet not everyone recognizes the importance of having regular air conditioning maintenance, as well. Just as a car will get lower gas mileage without an oil change when needed, an air conditioner will also cost more to run if it has not been serviced.

Besides improving efficiency, it is important to have your air conditioning system checked out each year to be sure it is safe. There are a number of things that can wear out on a system that can pose a danger to your family. There are health dangers related to coolant leaks, for example, such as coughing, unconsciousness, shortness of breath and even death. Coolant leaks are also bad for the environment, as they deplete the ozone layer of our planet. The worst thing to do is try to pump more coolant into a system that is leaking; in fact, it is actually illegal to do so, which can result in some pretty high fines and even imprisonment if done willfully.

The best time to have annual air conditioning maintenance performed is before the summer heat begins and the system will be needed. Air conditioning maintenance companies tend to get very busy once units are turned on and homeowners find out they have a problem. It also is nice to have the peace of mind that your unit checks out, so when you turn it on that first hot day, you don’t wonder if it will actually work. Some companies even offer discounts for doing an annual checkup during the down season.


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