The Importance of Keeping Air Conditioning Ducts CleanAs a rule of thumb, homeowners should have their air conditioning ducts inspected and cleaned every two to three years. For those who keep their filters cleaned and/or replaced monthly as recommended, it may be possible to go a little longer. Households with furry pets or residents with allergies or asthma, however, may want to consider cleaning the ducts more often. There are a number of reasons why it is important to keep air conditioning ducts clean and have them inspected from time to time, including:

  1. Leaks – If ducts have leaks in them, it can result in airflow not going the way it should. It doesn’t take much for ducts to get a leak. You may even inadvertently damage the ducts with a nail when hanging a picture or other home décor on the wall.
  2. Efficiency The air conditioning equipment will work far more efficiently if the ducts are clean and dust and other irritants are not allowed into the equipment. It also works more efficiently when there isn’t anything to impede the air flow.
  3. Extends Life Span Ducts that allow contaminants into the equipment can easily shorten their life span and cause mechanical failures.
  4. Health The cleaner the air in the home, the healthier it is for your family. Cleaning out ducts that could have accumulated any number of toxins and contaminants can be beneficial for everyone, especially those who experience respiratory problems and allergies.

Generally, one can add a duct inspection as part of their preventative maintenance contract with their air conditioning service company. They can then check the ducts each year when they service the unit and let you know when it is time to have them cleaned.


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