Air Conditioning ProblemsAsk any air conditioning expert, and they’ll tell you that improper operation is one of the most common AC problems. If your system is on, make sure your outside doors and windows are shut. For a room unit, isolate the room and any connected rooms from the rest of your home.

Other common air conditioning problems are a result of poor service procedures and inadequate maintenance. Incorrect installation in a central cooling system can result in low airflow and leaky ducts.

Often, the refrigerant charge doesn’t match with the manufacturer’s specs. If, during installation, proper refrigerant charging is not performed, the efficiency and functionality of the unit is impaired. All too frequently, unqualified service technicians fail to detect refrigerant charging issues, or they exacerbate an existing problem by adding refrigerant to a system that’s already full.

Also, the fan controls and compressor can wear out, especially if the system is turned off and on frequently. This is a common issue with an oversized unit.

On the whole, manufacturers make high-quality, rugged air conditioning products. If your AC fails, start by checking the circuit breakers or fuses. Allow the unit to cool down for about 5 minutes and then reset the breakers. On a particularly hot day, if the compressor stops, the limit switch might have tripped. You can reset it by pushing the button on the compressor’s access panel.

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