furnaceBy carrying out maintenance at the end of the heating season, you can ensure that your furnace gets a well-deserved break in the hot summer months, so that it can be ready to fire on all cylinders when the winter comes around again. Read on to learn how to “summerize” your home heating system.

After having worked dutifully throughout the winter, your furnace filter is likely to have accumulated pollutants and dust. By changing the filter when winter ends, rather than at the start of fall, you can avoid having all this muck in the system while it’s “resting.” While changing the filter, give the furnace a quick once-over. Start the motor and run it briefly to check for rattling or creaking noises. Shine a flashlight over the pipes to make sure no small cracks are forming and also check the pilot light. If anything looks suspect, it’s best to call a furnace repair technician.

If you see rust on the furnace, inspect the nearby areas for water leaks. If the furnace is indoors and seems to be rusting quickly – even without signs of a water leak – there may be too much moisture in your home. In this case, running a dehumidifier near it will help to keep the metal surfaces free of rust.

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