Air Conditioning RepairIt’s pretty easy to tell that you need air conditioning repair when your AC unit shuts down altogether. However, there are other, more subtle signs that indicate you should turn to us at Ryals Brothers Inc. for air conditioning repair services as soon as possible.

  • The Air Coming Through Your Vents isn’t Cold. When you turn on your AC unit, you expect cold, refreshing air to start streaming through your vents. If the air coming through your vents isn’t as cold as it used to be, or it isn’t cold at all, it’s time to call us for air conditioning repair. 
  • Your Air Flow is Lacking. Your AC unit’s compressor could be on the verge of failing if the air flow coming through your vents is weak or not as strong as it used to be. However, if some rooms in your home are receiving cool air while others are getting warm air, there could be an issue with your duct work. 
  • You Can Hear Strange Sounds When Your System is in Use. If your air conditioner makes grinding, grating, or squealing sounds when it shuts on and off and when it runs, it could be time for a new unit, or at least some air conditioning repair work. When odd noises come from your AC system, there is likely a problem with the components inside the unit. Plus, if you don’t get your system looked at right away, a costly breakdown might occur later on.