Heating ContractorsIt is one thing for a corporation to be around for decades, but that is seldom the case with private companies and family-owned and operated ones. All too often the succeeding generations want nothing to do with the business they saw their parents slave over for years. It takes something special to see a second generation take over the helm, and that is particularly true with heating contractors.

It is one thing to want to follow in dad’s footsteps when there is a ready business set with hundreds or even thousands of loyal customers in the database. However, as a heating contractor, the database is often full of people who have already had their HVAC system replaced and another sale is likely more than a decade down the road. That is not to say that there isn’t a loyal customer base for maintenance and repairs, however. In fact, that is usually the case that has enticed the second generation to continue. That is a good sign for you because it is likely that the business has been run very professionally in order to command that kind of repeat business.

Another benefit of going with heating contractors that are on the second generation is that nobody trains heating contractors better than a father teaching his son or daughter. That kind of training goes head and shoulders above that learned in a trade school.. The passion for the business has firmly rubbed off, and that will show in the work and the results.

At Ryals Brothers Inc., our owner, Ken, is our second generation representative and was groomed to learn the ins and outs that few heating contractors ever learn. His devotion to the job means he goes on every single job to ensure satisfaction and quality. Call us today and you’ll readily see what is special about second-generation heating contractors.