Ways to Protect Your AC System during Remodeling
Dirt is very damaging to an AC system, and many repair problems can be traced back to dust and dirt buildup. Anybody who has lived through a remodeling project knows just how dusty and dirty it can be. But you can make sure you don’t end up with an expensive repair job if you take some precautions ahead of the remodel.

  • Review your plans with an AC contractor before committing to the project. Discovering that things ought to have been done differently after the job has been done is horrible.
  • Try not to run your air conditioner while the dusty work is being done.
  • Close the registers off in the area where the work is taking place and cover them to stop the dust being pulled back into the system. If you’re running the air conditioner, take care not to close off too many registers at one time.
  • Have the sanding and cutting done outside or in the garage to keep the debris out of your home.
  • Isolate the construction area from the rest of your home with plastic tarps. Ensure that the remodeling contractor uses proper dust control during the project.
  • Make sure the work area is frequently cleaned throughout the remodel to prevent dust from being tracked everywhere.
  • During the project, clean/change your AC filter and especially after completion of the project.
  • Consider having your indoor coil, ductwork and blower inspected when the remodel is completed.

Protect Your AC System
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