What’s Involved in an AC Service Visit?At least once a year, homeowners are advised to schedule an AC service visit, and twice a year is not a bad idea. Many companies offer an AC service agreement, making maintenance quite affordable, especially when you consider how much the technician does during this visit:

  1. Examine, clean and balance blowers
  2. Inspect and adjust any belts
  3. Check over all the electrical components and connections
  4. Make sure airflow is unhampered
  5. Examine pumps and motors and lubricate where necessary
  6. Clean inside and outside coil, traps, lines and pans
  7. Check coolant levels, and if low, find the reason and repair and refill it
  8. Inspect all safety controls and adjust where needed
  9. Inspect the heating functions of your HVAC system (in the Fall)

It is just as valuable to establish a working relationship with an AC service company as it is other professions such as doctors, lawyers and bankers. You’ll never have to hunt through the phone book or spend hours reading company reviews on Google if you already have your favorite AC service tech on speed dial. You may even be able to have the same AC service tech each time you call, which means you will feel more comfortable knowing they understand your system well and work well with you.

Having your AC system maintained regularly can often save you more money than it costs for maintenance, as a finely tuned system operates much more efficiently. You also enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are doing all you can to keep your unit working as long as possible, saving you from having to replace it way before it reaches the end of its intended lifespan.


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