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Is Your Heating & Cooling System Efficient?

Is Your Heating & Cooling System Efficient?Heating & Cooling in Lakeland – There are two ways to know that your heating & cooling system is not running efficiently. One is if your utility bills are higher than they should be or higher than they used to be (without any rate increases from the utility company). You can determine this by asking someone you know in the local area that has a similar size home about what their typical bill comes to. Keep in mind it will depend on what temperature the thermostat is kept at, how often doors and windows are opened, the number of appliances and how often they are on, and a host of other considerations, but if you ask several neighbors, you should be able to get a good estimate. If your bill is much higher than everyone else’s, you could definitely benefit from a new heating & cooling system.

The next way to determine how efficient your heating & cooling system is is to run a test. Run your air conditioning system for a full 15 minutes. Then test the air temperature next to the duct closest to the ac unit and the air temperature next to the return duct. The difference between these two temperatures should be between fifteen and twenty degrees.

If either of these experiments makes you feel like your system is not running efficiently, schedule an inspection with a heating & cooling professional. They can do a maintenance service that includes cleaning the coils, checking the coolant levels and inspecting airflows. These things could improve your unit’s efficiency drastically, saving you considerably on your utility bill. A heating & cooling professional can also tell you the anticipated lifespan of your current equipment and tell you how much you could save each month on your utility bill with a new unit. Replacing an old unit can often save more than enough over time to pay for the new unit.


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