Heat Pumps, Lakeland, FL

Understanding the Purpose of a Heat Pump

Understanding the Purpose of a Heat PumpHeat Pumps in Lakeland – Perhaps the technical definition of a heat pump (mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system that can be reversed to either heat or cool a controlled space) is a bit too complicated to understand. Furthermore all you really care about it is that it works like it should. What you might find interesting, however, is how it is not only a device for heating, but also for cooling.

A heat pump constantly moves warm air from where it is not wanted to where it is wanted. That means that, in the summer, it transfers the warm air from indoors to outdoors, and in the winter, it does the opposite. Because it is actually transferring heat instead of creating it, a heat pump is much more efficient than other heating methods. The only drawback of a heat pump is that they are not recommended in northern climates, as they work best when temperatures are not too cold. In especially cold climates, an additional heating source is usually needed to get the job done.

Because a heat pump uses less energy than an electric furnace, it may be a good option for many homeowners. A trained heating & cooling professional can assess your home and be able to calculate approximately how much you could save with a heat pump and if it is a good idea for your situation. Generally if your area doesn’t see temperatures below 25 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, a heat pump can work quite efficiently.

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